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28 January 2023
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30 September 2024
52 weeks
8-10 hours per week
EBC Learning
Confederation of Indian Industry

The EBC Learning — CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law is a path like no other. Taught by industry experts and professionals, it is a comprehensive and rigorous course on corporate law that gets you ahead, covering theoretical, critical and practical training in corporate law.

The path contains 25 courses given below.

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Course List

ACL3: 01. Orientation—How to Navigate the Course, LMS and Reader? Card Image

ACL3: 01. Orientation—How to Navigate the Course, LMS and Reader?

Provides an introduction to the learning path, its contents and features, and shows you how to access the resources of the programme.
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28 January 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 02. Introduction and Corporate Law Method Card Image

ACL3: 02. Introduction and Corporate Law Method

The course explains the legal method, familiarises you with the sources of corporate law and provides a systematic approach to reading corporate law.
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18 February 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 03. Forms of Business Organisations Card Image

ACL3: 03. Forms of Business Organisations

The course introduces various forms of business entities, such as sole proprietorship, LLP, partnership, cooperative society and company.
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25 February 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 04. Agency Problems Card Image

ACL3: 04. Agency Problems

The course examines various types of conflicts and agency problems in various forms of business organisations. This will include understanding of the problems, and regulatory, governance and enforcement strategies.
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9 March 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 05. Choosing an Entity Card Image

ACL3: 05. Choosing an Entity

Learn various other forms of business organisation existing in India. It covers essential features and distinctions from one another. The course aims to help students appreciate the points that are taken into consideration while choosing an entity for a particular business model.
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16 March 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 06. Introduction to Contract Drafting Card Image

ACL3: 06. Introduction to Contract Drafting

The course will enable you to draft, vet, or examine agreements to safeguard your or your client's interests. This course is designed to introduce various types of agreements leading to the incorporation or registration of entities.
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23 March 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 07. Incorporation, Registration and Conversion Card Image

ACL3: 07. Incorporation, Registration and Conversion

This course runs you through the incorporation of various types of companies. It also deals with the incorporation of an LLP and registration of a partnership. The course also upskills one on practical things such as converting one form of business into another.
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4 May 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 08. Accounting and Financial Statements Card Image

ACL3: 08. Accounting and Financial Statements

The course is an introduction to understanding account books. It gives you a basic understanding of looking at various corporate financial documents. The objective is to provide fundamental financial and accounting literacy.
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18 May 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 09. Promoters, Directors & Key Managerial Personnel Card Image

ACL3: 09. Promoters, Directors & Key Managerial Personnel

The course shall look into the rights, duties, obligations and liabilities and immunities of Directors and Key Managerial Persons (KMP). The course will also familiarise students with concepts like disputes related to appointment, disqualification, defaults and resignations.
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1 June 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 10. Shareholders and Meetings Card Image

ACL3: 10. Shareholders and Meetings

Learn about the various compliance requirements for meetings under the Companies Act. The course offers detailed insight into the various aspects of regulations that are the core of running a business.
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15 June 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 11. Learning Weeks Card Image

ACL3: 11. Learning Weeks

This is a mid-programme revision and doubt-clearing/ learning month.
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15 July 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 12. Filing Class Action and Shareholder Litigation Card Image

ACL3: 12. Filing Class Action and Shareholder Litigation

The Companies Act, 2013 introduced Section 245—Class Action, to prevent oppression and mismanagement. Here we look at how to file a suit before a tribunal under the said provision and other remedies to shareholders.
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29 June 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 13. Corporate Social Responsibility Card Image

ACL3: 13. Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn all about CSR, including the mandate and framing of the policy. The course will help you to draft a CSR policy and become a specialised CSR professional.
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6 July 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 14. Winding Up Card Image

ACL3: 14. Winding Up

The course covers the winding-up process for a company under the Companies Act, 2013. In particular, the reasons for winding up, petitions for winding up, summary procedure, liquidator, and dissolution.
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20 July 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 15. Introducing Due Diligence Card Image

ACL3: 15. Introducing Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence is the bread and butter for a transactional lawyer. This course will provide you with an introduction to the process and you will learn to prepare a due diligence report.
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23 September 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 16. Securities Card Image

ACL3: 16. Securities

The knowledge of what a security is and what are the different types of securities is the starting point of becoming a transactional lawyer. This course will empower you to think like a transactional lawyer and appreciate the legal complexities while dealing with different kinds of securities.
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28 October 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 17. Deal Process Card Image

ACL3: 17. Deal Process

The course looks at the deal process for raising funds for a company. It introduces the students to concepts like the valuation of a company, how to prepare a pitch book, what are the different kinds of funds and from whom can funds be raised.
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4 November 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 18. Private Equity and Venture Capital Card Image

ACL3: 18. Private Equity and Venture Capital

The course is a transactions guide to raising capital with Private Equity and Venture Capital. The course will also look at how a private company raises money, borrows funds and also FDI.
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23 December 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 19. Capital Markets Card Image

ACL3: 19. Capital Markets

You will learn A-Z about going public. The course will cover working on DRHP from the side of all stakeholders. The course also looks at varieties of issues and the restructuring of listed companies.
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20 January 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 20. Mergers and Amalgamations Card Image

ACL3: 20. Mergers and Amalgamations

This course covers various aspects of M&A including structuring of an M&A transaction, emerging trends and associated tax implications.
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18 November 2023 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 21. Competition Economics Card Image

ACL3: 21. Competition Economics

Learn about the different nuances of economics in relation to competition law.
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14 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 22. Competition Law Card Image

ACL3: 22. Competition Law

By regulating corporate anti-competitive behaviour, competition law aims to maintain market competition. In this course, we study the Competition Act, 2002 in light of building anti-trust practice of your own.
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14 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 23. Insolvency Law Card Image

ACL3: 23. Insolvency Law

Often business entities find it difficult to file an insolvency application before the NCLT. This intense course on IBC Practice covers various aspects of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, including the filing procedure of insolvency applications before the NCLT.
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4 May 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 24. Corporate Assets Valuation under the IBC Card Image

ACL3: 24. Corporate Assets Valuation under the IBC

Learn how to conduct corporate valuations in an IBC scenario. The course covers several valuation approaches like Market Approach, Income Approach, Asset Approach, etc.
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25 May 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 25. Corporate Fraud Card Image

ACL3: 25. Corporate Fraud

The Companies Act, 2013 imposes a specific statutory criminal liability with regard to fraud. You will engage yourself in a simulation of a case file to identify red flags and remedies.
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1 June 2024 - 30 September 2024

ACL3: 26. Insider Trading Card Image

ACL3: 26. Insider Trading

Learn all about insider trading with industry experts. The course comprehensively looks at the subject matter and the nuances and litigations involved in the domain.
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24 June 2024 - 24 September 2024


ACL3: 27. Mastering Legal Writing and Research

In the course learn how to write articles, research papers and get published.
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18 February 2023 - 28 January 2025

Complimentary Optional Course

28 ACL3: CV Writing, Cracking Interviews and Applications

28 ACL3: CV Writing, Cracking Interviews and Applications

In this course, you'll learn how to write a compelling CV, ace your interview, and land your dream internship or placement.
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Who Should Take This Course?

Law Students and Recent Law Graduates, Lawyers, In-House Counsels, Legal Professionals who wish to switch to corporate practice or looking to kickstart a career as Transactional Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Work Accountants, Government Officials, Academicians, Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Company Directors, Prospective Entrepreneurs, may take this course. The course would help launch law students into a career in corporate law and help practitioners develop their corporate law practice. Business professionals, advisors and managers interested in a detailed legal understanding of corporate affairs may take this course to hone their legal skills.

How Should One Approach This Course?

Video materials and readings will precede the live sessions. Students are required to complete pre-class assignments. The live sessions are meant for workshops—based on pre-class assignments. The online session is to be utilised for practical training.

The general session etiquette is to engage in critical-thinking discussions or problem-solving engagements while keeping your webcams on. You are expected to participate in the class and bring your doubts to the forum of the session. The tutorial sessions are where students get individual attention and are expected to present and discuss their viewpoints or tasks.

Mode of Instruction & Class Timings

The live sessions will be conducted online, and courses will be available at the EBC Learning platform (

Session Timings: Afternoon & Evening Sessions on Saturdays.


What else is included?


E-Books Access from EBC Reader

Companies Act Company Law Competition Law Contract
Precedents Insolvency DD Entrepreneurs
FDI Business Opportunity Insider Trading Insolvency
Merger Control Partnership Reform Decade Fictions
Internships Conveyancing IBC Bare Act Competition Bare Act
Drafting Contracts


Abhinandan Malik Profile Image

Abhinandan Malik

Editor Publications & Director, EBC Learning

Abhinandan Malik is Editor (Publications) & Director at EBC, India's top law publisher. He is a graduate of NALSAR University of Law with an LLM from the University of Toronto. He has 10+ years of editorial experience, conceptualising, guiding and editing publications at EBC.


Juhi Roy Profile Image

Juhi Roy

Partner, Petkar Legal

Juhi Roy has previously worked as a Senior Associate in the General Corporate team of Argus Partners, Kolkata. She has also worked with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Mumbai; Network 18 Media and Investments Limited, Mumbai; Wadia Ghandy & Co., Mumbai; and SA Partners, Mumbai.

Pradyumna Anil Purohit Profile Image

Pradyumna Anil Purohit

Instructor & Editor, EBC Learning

Pradyumna is a Course Author, Instructional Designer, and Innovator at EBC Learning. He is also the Chief Academic Consultant at Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Peace Studies, O.P. Jindal Global University. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Law School.


Aanchal M Dua Profile Image

Dr Aanchal M Dua

Instructor & Senior Consultant, EBC Learning

Dr Aanchal M Dua is an academician at heart and comes with more than 16 years of consolidated experience in the area of Legal Education and Research. She is a Doctorate in Law from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and has been associated with various national and international universities like the Bangalore University, the University of Chicago and the University of Manchester. She specialises in Business/Corporate Law, Industrial Law, International Law and IPRs. She has authored a book on the Legal Environment of Business which is currently under publication and has a few publications to her credit in the area of Trade & Environment. She is associated with a start-up in the area of Financial Services as a legal advisor. She is very passionate about community services and leads a number of such projects with various NGOs engaged in the field.

Charu Mathur Profile Image

Dr Charu Mathur

Instructor, EBC Learning & AOR, Supreme Court

Dr Charu Mathur is an Advocate on Record with the Supreme Court of India. She has over 20+ years of rich and diverse expertise in corporate, commercial, civil, criminal and constitutional law matters.


Abhishek Sharma Profile Image

Abhishek Sharma

Partner, Dentons LinkLegal

Abhishek Sharma has over 13 years of experience in handling disputes concerning the aviation sector (including airports) and civil and commercial disputes in various fora, including the Supreme Court of India. Previously, he was an associate in the law chambers of Mr Arun Jaitley, Senior Advocate.


Aditya Singh Chandel Profile Image

Aditya Singh Chandel

Partner, AZB & Partners

Aditya Singh Chandel has over 19 years of experience and specialises in Direct and Indirect Taxation, Income Tax Laws, International Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Foreign Trade Policy and Customs Law.


Animesh Sinha Profile Image

Animesh Sinha

Partner, Animesh Sinha & Partners

Animesh Sinha is a Partner at Animesh Sinha & Partners. Previously, he worked at India’s premier dispute resolution law firm Karanjawala & Co. wherein he represented India's top corporate houses and high-income individuals in courts as well as in arbitrations. He commenced his independent practice at the young age of 24 and represented the top insurance companies in complicated litigations before the Supreme Court, High Court of Delhi and various Appellate Tribunals. He specialises in insurance law and his services have been retained by several insurers, top companies and other insurance intermediaries in India. Moreover, he also specializes in arbitration, infrastructure, contracts and corporate law. Animesh appears in courts and arbitrations and has been retained by several companies for non-contentious legal advisory and transactions.

Amrish Garg Profile Image

Amrish Garg

Co-Founder, Finvox Analytics

Amrish is a CA, CFA and a Registered Valuer with 12+ years of experience in fundraising, transaction support services, business valuations, purchase price allocation and complex instruments valuations.


Avinash Sharma Profile Image

Avinash Sharma

AOR, Supreme Court

Avinash Sharma is an Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India with 17+ years experience in Competition, Litigation and Arbitration. He has successfully settled over 70 cases while acting as a DHCLSC Mediator.


Pratima Narayan Profile Image

Dr Pratima Narayan

Advocate & Mediator, Co-founder, Techlawlogi Consulting LLP

Dr Pratima Narayan has served the legal academia for over 20 years as a visiting faculty at various reputed law schools and business schools. Her expertise lies in areas of commercial contracts, consumer law, e-commerce and Intellectual Property Rights.


Yugank Goyal Profile Image

Dr Yugank Goyal

Associate Professor, FLAME University

Dr Yugank Goyal is an Associate Professor of Public Policy. Earlier he taught at Jindal Global Law School. His tryst with the Economics of Competition Law began while studying Masters at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where later, he also pursued his PhD in law and economics.


Gandharv Jain Profile Image

Gandharv Jain

Co-Founder, Finvox Analytics

Gandharv Jain is a CA, CPA (USA), Registered Valuer and an Investment Banker with 15+ years of experience in conducting business valuations, raising funds for clients and structuring corporate transactions in compliance with foreign exchange laws.


Ketan Mukhija Profile Image

Ketan Mukhija

Partner, Dentons LinkLegal

Ketan has over 17 years of extensive experience in corporate restructurings, investment transactions, private equity, banking and finance, energy and infrastructure, real estate, telecommunications, and capital markets.


Nilanjan Sen Profile Image

Nilanjan Sen

Senior Partner, Seven Seas Partners LLP

An experienced lawyer with a family history in the profession, Nilanjan practices litigation in multiple jurisdictions across the country and is a specialist in diverse branches of law including writs, corporate, arbitration and ADR, consumer, civil, criminal and environment. He completed his LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement and Arbitration from Leiden Law School in the Netherlands and is additionally qualified as an Investment Treaty Arbitration specialist. He is currently a senior partner at ‘Seven Seas Partners LLP’, a boutique international law firm founded in 2019, with presence in India and the Netherlands (E.U.) and practicing on a variety of subjects of international as well as inter jurisdictional laws, including international arbitration, international tax and regulatory advisory. He is also on the Institutional Review Board of the Tata Medical Centre, a 130 million USD philanthropic cancer research centre and hospital managed & owned by the prestigious Tata Group.

Ruby Panchal Profile Image

Ruby Panchal

Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School

Ruby Panchal graduated with B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala in 2016. During her under-graduation, she specialised in Business and Commercial Laws. After graduating from RGNUL, she worked briefly with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas wherein she worked on real estate due diligence matters. Thereafter, she worked with Singh and Associates, New Delhi with their Disputes Team, wherein she worked on several arbitration and litigation matters pertaining to infrastructure arbitrations, defamation suits, white collar crimes, insolvency disputes etc. She then completed her LL.M. with specialization in Comparative International Dispute Resolution and Business Laws from Queen Mary, University of London in 2018. Later on, she joined O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat wherein she currently teaches at the Law School and the Business School. Besides teaching law, she volunteers her time towards Robinhood Army in teaching children from slum areas.

Ruchi Jain Profile Image

Ruchi Jain

Independent M&A Advisor

Ruchi Jain is a rank holder CA with 15+ years of rich and diversified Big 4 (PwC & EY) and industry experience in M&A, strategy, deals structuring, tax due diligence, income tax, company law, FEMA, SEBI, and other allied regulatory laws. She has advised domestic as well as international clients, promoters/founders, startups and investors on various inbound and outbound buy side and sell side transactions, business structuring, overseas expansions, India entry strategies etc. She also works with family offices on tax matters, family trust, succession planning, transactions, and restructuring.

Victor Nayak Profile Image

Victor Nayak

Assistant Professor of Law, University of Engineering and Management

Victor started his academic career with the Institute of Law, Nirma University as an Assistant Professor in 2012 followed by the School of Law, Galgotias University in 2015.


Ankit Jain Profile Image

Ankit Jain

Partner, Acupro Consulting

Ankit Jain qualified as Chartered Accountant in November 2013. He is a Graduate in Commerce and has completed Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK. Ankit is a Partner with Acupro Consulting which provides consulting services to multinationals. Acupro is a team of 70+ professionals and have served 500+ clients (including 350+ multinationals and 100+ start-ups and 20+ PE funds and other investors) in the last 10+ years and currently leads the Assurance practice at Acupro. Prior to Joining Acupro, Ankit has worked with KPMG in Statutory Audits Division. Ankit has served 50+ start-ups from incorporation to the IPO. He acted as due diligence partner for Zomato IPO, for Delhivery IPO and for Snapdeal IPO and is working for some other big IPOs of the country. Ankit has undertaken Statutory Audits, Tax Audits for various multinational companies and startups including some listed companies in India. He has advised clients on Accounting issues under Ind AS / IFRS and has been involved in Ind AS implementation of various companies in manufacturing and service sector. He has also undertaken IFC implementation projects for various multinational companies and Startups.

Armaan Patkar Profile Image

Armaan Patkar

Partner, Argus Partners (Solicitors & Advocates)

Armaan Patkar is a Partner at Argus Partners (Solicitors & Advocates). He is a seasoned Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity attorney with extensive experience advising corporates, private equity funds, and investment firms. He specialises in cross-border and domestic transactions, including public M&A and strategic deals. Armaan's sector expertise spans financial services, technology/technology platforms, and energy. He has also handled securities and financial regulatory matters and authored the book "Insider Trading: Law & Practice." Armaan was previously a principal associate at Algo Legal and has also worked as a senior associate at AZB & Partners, Mumbai. He is enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa.

Balwan Bansal Profile Image

Balwan Bansal

Co-founder, Acupro Consulting

Balwan Bansal is a rank-holder CA, qualified in May 2007; He is a registered valuer with IBBI, a CFA (from the USA) and an LLB too. He worked with Deloitte and Ernst & Young for 6 years. He is the Co-founder of Acupro Consulting and provides consulting services to multinationals. Now, they are a team of 70+ professionals and have served 500+ clients (including 350+ multinationals and 100+ start-ups and 20+ PE funds and other investors) in the last 10+ years. Balwan has served more than 100 start-ups from incorporation to the IPO. He acted as due diligence partner for Zomato IPO, for Delhivery IPO and for Snapdeal IPO and is working for some other big IPOs of the country. He has advised the clients on cross-border and domestic taxation issues including taxability of foreign companies and expatriates, withholding tax issues and structuring investments etc. He has involved in business valuation exercises and has issued various valuation reports to the clients

Paras Gupta Profile Image

Paras Gupta

Vice President, Finvox Analytics

Paras Gupta has 5+ years experience in business valuations, purchase price allocation, complex instruments valuations, impairment testing, equity fund raising, due diligence and other Audit & Assurance engagements. He is a Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce. His technical skills include financial modelling, due diligence and valuation of complex instruments. Experience across industries such as Tech Startups, Power & Energy, FMCG, Retail, Specialized Manufacturing, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate etc.

Sukriti Bhagat Profile Image

Sukriti Bhagat

Associate, Trilegal

Sukriti Bhagat is an Associate at Trilegal. She has also worked with Indus Law as an associate before joining Trilegal. She is a corporate lawyer with a focus on private equity, mergers and acquisitions. Her work involves research, drafting, reviewing, and conducting due diligence.

Saloni Sharma Profile Image

Saloni Sharma

Senior Associate, Apex Group Ltd.

Saloni Sharma is an experienced Company Secretary and Law Graduate with a diverse and rich professional experience of over 10 years in the industry. She has had the opportunity to work in various sectors, including real estate and insurance and additionally has extensive experience working in consultant roles within a company secretarial firm and a boutique law firm. She is currently serving as a Senior Associate at Apex Group, working on international laws. Saloni is committed to community service and has been actively volunteering at the Robin Hood Army for the past 8 years. Balancing her professional and personal life, a devoted mother of a two-year-old, she enjoys travelling, reading and dancing in her free time.

Narendra Joshi Profile Image

Narendra Joshi

Partner, M. P. Chitale & Co.

Narendra Joshi is a partner of M P Chitale & Co., Chartered Accountants, and a fellow member of the ICAI. He has over 12 years of experience; and has formerly worked for EY and PwC in assurance and tax practices, respectively. His experience and key strengths include accounting services, business setup advisory, international tax, transfer pricing advisory, regulatory/corporate structuring, and valuations. He has also been part of the IBC Committee of ICAI for 2021-22, the ICAI's Direct Tax Committee for FY 23-24 and was also empanelled as a reviewer on the Tax Quality Review Board of ICAI.

Kushank Sindhu Profile Image

Kushank Sindhu

Advocate, Counsel & Partner, Sigma Chambers (Advocates & Solicitors)

Kushank Sindhu is a lawyer licensed to practice in India. He is enrolled with the Bar Council of India, Bar Council of Delhi and the Delhi High Court Bar Association. On account of his experience on the corporate advisory, transactions and litigation sides, he is well qualified to provide a 360 degree view on complex legal issues. He has not only played a pivotal role in assisting various startups by providing them with a holistic view on diverse legal issues but has advised established companies on taxation issues. He has successfully represented various companies as also individuals before the High Court of Delhi in complex tax matters. He also has experience in handling money laundering. His area of practice also includes handling arbitration as also insolvency matters. Apart from his regular legal practice, he engages considerably in academic research and writing.

Tishampati Sen Profile Image

Tishampati Sen

AOR, Supreme Court

Tishampati Sen did his LL.B. from NLU Jodhpur, then was awarded a Graduate Faculty Scholarship from NUS (Singapore) - wherein he pursued his LL.M. from NUS. He is skilled in Document Drafting, Drafting Agreements, Civil, Corporate - Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, International Arbitration, Company law and Consumer Law. He started his career by working in J Sagar Associates and was one of the few lawyers there to practise in both transactional and litigation side of law. He then joined Mr Gopal Subramanium’s chamber and thereafter set up his own practice. He is now an Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court, and has been involved in a number of key matters. He has successfully argued one of the primary and prominent class action matters involving data privacy, wherein he was representing the whistleblower in one of the first of its kind whistleblower suits in India. He was also a part of the special team formed under the aegis of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, to investigate and report on the management of affairs at the Lord Jagannatha Temple in Puri, Odisha.


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Acupro Consulting, Gurgaon, Hyderabad

Acupro Consulting, Gurgaon, Hyderabad

Acupro is an energetic and passionate team of 70+ committed professionals displaying acumen, knowledge and excellence and renders solution oriented advisory and implementation services in the fields of taxation, regulations and accounting.
Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across financial and regulatory matters, Acupro collaborates with clients to help them become financially insightful and legally compliant businesses.
We enhance value for clients by providing innovative solutions by blending domain expertise with analytical rigour, while maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality and by hiring and nurturing high quality professionals with a passion for excellence. We are committed to making a difference to our clients, to our people and to the financial world, and we deliver this difference through the integrity of our efforts and by living our core values.
Acupro caters to a very wide spectrum of prestigious international business houses and noted professionals.

Animesh Sinha & Partners

Animesh Sinha & Partners

Animesh Sinha & Partners (ASP) is a multidisciplinary law firm located from Delhi and works with associate lawyers in most cities in India. The team at asp comprises lawyers who have worked in multiple jurisdictions and previously trained in top law firms. The team is well accustomed with the work culture of international law firms and has extensive experience handling work for large corporate clients. We at asp strongly believe in identifying with the client to tailor our services to serve the objective and interests of the client. We are proud to identify ourselves as a team of lawyers with strong belief in easy accessibility for clients, prompt assignment delivery and availability for advice even after completion of assignments. The emphasis on quality, detailing and clarity is at the core of our belief and we strive to achieve it at all times.

Areté Chambers

Areté Chambers

Areté Chambers is a boutique law firm, with prime focus on cross border litigation and dispute resolution. Areté provides cutting edge pre-litigation advice and also handles global litigation and arbitration across Asia, Africa, the U.K and the U.S. Areté has the exposure of working with an extensive cross-section of clients involved in infrastructure and construction, oil and gas exploration, automobile distribution and financing, hospitality sector, pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply, retail, financing, architecture, amongst others.

The highly committed team aligns itself to the clients' objectives and requirements and is adept at out of the box solutions to intricate and complicated factual and legal issues. The international dispute resolution team is headed by Amit Gupta, a dual-qualified lawyer, educated at Oxford and Columbia Universities.

Finvox Analytics, New York, Singapore, Gurugram

Finvox Analytics, New York, Singapore, Gurugram

A boutique advisory firm offering valuation, transactions, and analytical support services. At Finvox, we have highly seasoned professionals who bring along requisite expertise to advise you on the valuation and transaction matters. The team comprises individuals who are Registered Valuers, Chartered Accountants, CPAs, MBAs and CFA charter holders.
Senior professionals and advisers at Finvox have in the past worked with top global accounting firms, investment banks and research firms. They have advised their clients on numerous transaction situations which include strategic sale/ buy-outs, in-bound and out-bound investments, business restructuring and shareholder disputes. The team have experience in utilizing sophisticated valuation methodologies, which can fulfil even the most complex financial reporting and tax requirements.

LinkLegal, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chinnai

LexCounsel, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar, Odisha

LexCounsel is a law firm with offices at New Delhi, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar, Odisha and associate offices across India. The firm provides knowledge-based, effective, business-oriented legal services to its clients. LexCounsel provides comprehensive legal services and solutions to a broad spectrum of domestic and foreign clients.

Their members have substantial expertise in their practice areas and in-depth sector-specific understanding and knowledge to provide customised and highly effective legal advice best suited to their clients’ business needs. The Firm and its members have consistently been recognized and awarded across practice areas and as leading lawyers.

The Firm practices in diverse areas of law including Corporate & Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Education, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Labour and Employment, Telecommunications, Satellite and IT, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Taxation and Infrastructure Projects, Energy, Mining, Transportation.


LinkLegal, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai

With a team of Partners and associate lawyers handpicked from the best institutions and organisations across the country, the Firm provides high quality advice by blending its legal proficiency with deep commercial insight.
The Firm boasts of experts who have substantial experience in their respective practice areas. The Firm provides partner-driven services to clients where lawyers integrate their skills to provide comprehensive legal advice and strategy on complex commercial issues. The Partners at the Firm bring hands on experience and approach in each matter from a strategic perspective. 
The Firm has extensive experience of advising clients in diverse sectors including airports, metro rail and urban transport, roads, ports, real estate, power, aviation, defence, water, waste management, media, information technology, manufacturing, hospitality, telecom, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer goods, mining, insurance, securities markets and banking. 
The Firm regularly gets involved in headline transactions and disputes, advising clients on niche and complicated matters spreading across contentious, transactional and advisory space in a range of disciplines and sectors.

Pratap & Co.

Pratap & Co.

Pratap & Co. is a litigation firm that has been involved in diverse fields of laws including Corporate, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Prevention of Money Laundering, Criminal, Matrimonial, Consumer, Cheque Bounce, Civil Suits, Service matters, Narcotics, Arbitration, Commercial Laws, etc. The firm actively represents its clients from all over the country and abroad before multiple fora including the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts across India, all District Courts in NCR, NCLAT, NCLT, NCDRC, NGT, PMLA Authority, DRT, along with various Arbitral Tribunals.

The firm has a wide range of services, including drafting and filing of Special Leave Petitions, Appeals, Transfer Petitions, Writ Petitions, Suits, Complaints, Applications, Legal Notices as well as replies thereto. Pratap & Co. also provides legal consultancy services to its clients in India as well as abroad.

Seven Seas LLP, Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Dehradun, Rotterdam, The Hague, Madrid

Seven Seas LLP, Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Dehradun, European Union

A truly ‘International’ boutique law firm with a growing number of offices in India and a rapidly expanding network of international collaborators, Seven Seas Partners is a fast growing consortium of prominent legal experts from across the planet, that was created with the vision to build a platform for our clients who seek international dispute resolution and legal advisory services, that connects them with highly qualified legal experts from around the world.
Through our organically growing réseau, we at Seven Seas Partners endeavor to bring together some of the finest legal minds including internationally qualified attorneys, arbitrators and legal academicians who regularly engage in dispute resolution and advisory services and connect them to our clients.
Our Clientele which comprises of corporations, statutory bodies and other institutions, benefit from our highly qualified and experienced professionals located in multiple countries, who engage regularly across various industries in an array of legal issues ranging from highly complex dispute resolution services to transactional, legal advisory and related regulatory services. With a worldwide network of well connected professionals, Seven Seas Partners has successfully created a niche for itself as a highly specialized group of international law experts, who assist their Clients in inter jurisdictional legal issues by collaborating with lawyers from leading law firms spread across seven seas.

Techlawlogi Consulting LLP, Bengaluru

Techlawlogi Consulting LLP, Bengaluru

Techlawlogi Consulting LLP is a firm with a seamless approach to innovative techniques in legal consultancy and advocacy. The team has vast collective expertise in alternate dispute resolution and innovative legal services focusing on areas of information technology, commercial contracts, information technology and consumer protection law. Techlawlogi advises e-commerce start-ups and platforms on due diligence and legal compliance based on the business models. It provides pragmatic and effective learning to bridge the gap between education and profession/industry. It focuses on technology integration for reforming and strengthening access to justice and advocacy.

UKCA Partners, New Delhi

UKCA Partners, New Delhi

UKCA and Partners LLP has been eminent in providing legal advisory, transactional and advocacy services to its clients in diverse sectors and subjects. The firm assists its clients in Corporate-Commercial Litigation, Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Restructuring, Negotiations along with a whole range of legal services including hearings at courts, arbitration proceedings, client briefings and conferences, opinion writing and guidance, agreement and contract drafting, research work, due diligence and several other related activities.

Vashishtha Law Office

Vashishtha Law Office

Situated at the heart of South Delhi, the Vashishtha Law Office has been a pioneer in the legal realm for providing outstanding, ethical and cost-effective legal services and solutions to their clients from India and across the world. Their expertise lie in various areas of law including Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law & Services, Visa Appeals. At Vashishtha Law Office, the team comprises of highly trained and experienced attorneys representing the best and most prestigious institutions of the world.

The team of lawyers/advocates specialise in drafting of legal pleadings, Criminal Defence Trials, Assisting Prosecutions, Civil Suits, Consumer Cases, Injunctions, Matrimonial Suits/Remedies, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, Immigration Laws/Consultancy, Intellectual Property Rights, Divorce/Custody Matters etc., Trial/Appellate Jurisdiction, NCLT, NCLAT, Original Jurisdiction of the High Courts and various SLP’s, Appeals (With or without a certificate of appeal) to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Mediation and Arbitration.

At Vashishtha Law Office, they work with a motto “Sincerity our pledge”.


  • What is EBC Learning?

    EBC Learning is the educational arm of Eastern Book Company, a 80+ year-old company and India’s leading law publisher and provider of legal textbooks, EBC Reader, EBC Webstore, EBC Explorer, Supreme Court Cases (SCC) and SCC Online.
  • Can I pay the tuition fees on a no-cost EMI basis?

  • Is there any entrance test for enrolment?

    No, admission to the programme is conducted on a rolling basis, and there is no entrance test requirement.
  • What is the cohort size of the course?

    We believe in the small group teaching format and so aim to keep the class size small. We would try our best to organise participants into small groups of students.
  • What are the minimum technical requirements?

    Students who enrol are expected to have basic knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and computer applications. Everyone should have a working webcam and microphone (either inbuilt or external). It is advised to have good internet speed. It is important to note that the EBC Learning LMS can be accessed through laptops or desktops via an internet browser such as Google Chrome. The platform is not compatible with mobile devices.
  • How long is one live session class?

    A live session will be of approximately 60-90 minutes, including time for class discussions and faculty interaction.
  • In addition to the sessions, how many hours of work are required per week?

    A minimum of 8 hours of reading engagement is required. In addition, 2 hours per week would be required to watch Annex-Course video tutorials and solve class assignments.
  • What if I miss a session?

    Live recordings will be made available to you soon after the session. However, you will lose any marks allocated to Class Participation and In-Class Assignments.
  • How will I be evaluated? Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

    There will be no end examination. You will be evaluated on a continual basis throughout the course. You will be evaluated on pre-class assignments, class participation and final assignments for each module. As the last assignment of the course, you will have the option to appear for a viva or submit a substantial piece of writing for evaluation.
  • What is the minimum score to obtain a certificate?

    One must score a minimum of 65% to get receive a certificate in the programme.
  • What happens if I don't score 65%.

    The EBC Learning programmes stand for academic excellence and mastery of the subject. Our team is dedicated to helping the student achieve that mastery. Therefore in order to successfully complete the programme one must score a minimum of 65%. However, in case one does not score a minimum of 65% students can, upon payment of a fee, be admitted to the next cohort of the programme. In limited cases, students can also re-submit their select assignments for re-evaluation.