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Introduction to Forms of IPR

This course is included in the Introduction to IPR Programme Programme.

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About this Course

Think innovation, think creativity, think Intellectual Property! Yes, intellectual property has almost become sine qua non to motivate creativity and intellectual work. It comes in many forms. It may be the development of disruptive technology, authoring a book, composing music or even designing a car. One thing that's common in all these works is the intellectual effort and skills that go into designing the product or creative work. Bringing a product from concept to market is easier said than done. Imagine if such intellectual work is unauthorisedly used or pirated. The owner of the work would lose on the efforts as well as economic potential of the intellectual work. The objective of this course is to bring about a basic understanding of IP Rights. The course is very useful to aspirants who wish to further specialise in IPR and engage in the IP domain. The course is also aimed to provide insight into identifying appropriate IP for your innovative works and creativity.

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Owning the intellectual property is like owning land: You need to keep investing in it again and again to get a payoff; you can’t simply sit back and collect rent.

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  • 1. 📕 Introduction
    • 1.1 ▸ Introduction to the course
    • 1.2 ▸ Concept and meaning of IPR
    • 1.3 ▸ Evolution of IPR
    • 1.4 ▸ Rationale behind IPR
    • 1.5 ▸ Economic analysis of IPR
  • 2. 📕 Forms of IPR and its conceptual analysis
    • 2.1 ▸ Patent
    • 2.2 ▸ Trademarks
    • 2.3 ▸ Copyrights
    • 2.4 ▸ Designs
    • 2.5 ▸ Geographical indications
    • 2.6 ▸ Plant variety protection
    • 2.7 ▸ Semiconductor and integrated circuit designs
    • 2.8 ▸ Trade secrets and technical know-how
    • 2.9 ▸ Conclusion
  • Learn More
    • More on Forms of IPR


With new developments in science and technology, and advancements in the digital world, IP lawyers are needed for creators, content producers and digital rights management. Understanding the basic principles of IPR is essential for you to be able to map the nature of technical or artistic work to the most appropriate form of Intellectual Property.

The learning objectives of the course are:

  1. To provide a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of Intellectual Property Rights.
  2. To identify the different forms of Intellectual Property Rights and their characteristic features.

Career prospects in intellectual property law are many, including positions as patent and trademark attorneys, litigators, counsellors in IP, IP valuers, licensing managers, and more. Get started with the legal basics of IPR.


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Dr Pratima Narayan

Instructor, EBC Learning & Advocate & Mediator, Co-founder, Techlawlogi Consulting LLP

Dr Pratima Narayan is an Advocate, Mediator and Founder Partner of Techlawlogi Consulting LLP, a law firm based out of Bengaluru. She is an Editor and Consultant at EBC Learning. She has offered courses on Consumer Law, Arbitration, E-commerce, Contract Law and Corporate Law on the platform. She has authored a book on “Electronic Commerce: Legal Compliance”, published by Eastern Book Company. The book comprehensively outlines the various legal and regulatory framework and compliance for e-commerce players. Dr Pratima has served the legal academia for over two decades as a visiting faculty at various reputed law schools and business schools. Dr Pratima holds a doctorate in law from the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru.

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Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.

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