Legal Skill And Practice Competition Law ACL3: 22. Competition Law

ACL3: 22. Competition Law

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This course is included in the Advanced Corporate Law Upskill Diploma Programme.

This course is included in the Advanced M&A Practice Upskill Diploma Programme.

This course is included in the Competition Law Practice Programme.

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13 April 2024
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14 April 2024
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30 September 2024
3 Weeks
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EBC Learning
About this Course

The course on competition law brings an in-depth understanding of the legal aspects of competition. Conceptual and case-based learning through short video lectures helps you to identify patterns of commercial activities that are detrimental to market stakeholders and the way competition law and policy attempt to prevent such anti-competitive conduct. Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the basic principles underlying competition law.
  • Evaluate business practices that result in anti-competitive practices.
  • Examine situations that constitute abuse of dominance.
  • Understand merger controls.
  • Understand the interface between intellectual property rights and competition law.
  • Explore the application of competition law in contemporary digital markets.

Competition law seeks to promote competition in the market and regulate anti-competitive behaviour. This new law is a departure from the earlier MRTP Act which sought to regulate corporations and monopolies rather than facilitate business activity. The Competition Act seeks to promote competition in the market. It does so, by looking at the position of the corporation in the market rather than focusing merely on its size. This new law, with its new philosophy and requirements, has a tremendous impact on business deals and arrangements. M&A activity, vertical and horizontal agreements between firms and suppliers and retailers, collaborations, and pricing agreements — all of these are regulated by the Competition Act. This makes understanding the requirements under this law crucial for any corporate law practitioner. 

In this course, we take you over these requirements of the Competition Act and guide you on how to deal with them when advising clients on sale, purchase and supply agreements, collaborations, pricing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, monopolistic behaviour, unfair trade practices etc.

Who should take this course?

Law Students and Recent Law Graduates, Lawyers, In-House Counsels, Legal Professionals who wish to switch to corporate practice or looking to kickstart a career as Transactional Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Work Accountants, Government Officials, Academicians, Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Company Directors, Prospective Entrepreneurs, may take this course. The course would help launch law students into a career in corporate law and help practitioners develop their corporate law practice. Business professionals, advisors and managers interested in a detailed legal understanding of corporate affairs may take this course to hone their legal skills.


This course is part of EBC Learning — CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law Path. To make the most of the course, it is recommended that you should have an understanding of Company Law & Shareholder Litigation Fundamentals and of the following:

1. Competition Economics


Avinash Sharma image

Avinash Sharma

AOR, Supreme Court

Avinash Sharma is an Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India with 17+ years experience in Competition, Litigation and Arbitration. He has successfully settled over 70 cases while acting as a DHCLSC Mediator.


Pratima Narayan image

Dr Pratima Narayan

Advocate & Mediator, Co-founder, Techlawlogi Consulting LLP

Dr Pratima Narayan has served the legal academia for over 20 years as a visiting faculty at various reputed law schools and business schools. Her expertise lies in areas of commercial contracts, consumer law, e-commerce and Intellectual Property Rights.


Deeksha Manchanda image

Deeksha Manchanda

Partner, Chandhiok & Mahajan, Advocates and Solicitors

Deeksha Manchanda has an LLM from Oxford University and over 13 years of professional experience. She has served as a Senior Associate at Luthra and Luthra Law offices and Economic Law Practice (ELP).


Yugank Goyal image

Dr Yugank Goyal

Associate Professor, FLAME University

Dr Yugank Goyal is an Associate Professor of Public Policy. Earlier he taught at Jindal Global Law School. His tryst with the Economics of Competition Law began while studying Masters at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where later, he also pursued his PhD in law and economics.



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