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At EBC, we take pride in celebrating the release of groundbreaking legal texts through events that feature eminent figures from the legal fraternity. Established over 75 years ago, EBC (Eastern Book Company) has been a cornerstone of legal publishing in India, known for producing authoritative and comprehensive legal literature. Our book launches are more than just events; they are vibrant gatherings where knowledge, expertise, and scholarly discussion converge to enrich the legal community. These launches provide a platform for sharing insights, fostering professional growth, and connecting with peers and leaders in the field. Join us as we continue our tradition of excellence and contribute to the advancement of legal scholarship.

Featured Book Launches

Eastern Book Company recently hosted multiple book release events featuring distinguished legal professionals. On 1st March 2024, EBC launched "Money Laundering: Prevention, Law & Practice" by Abhijeet Sharma at HCM RIPA in Jaipur, praised for its comprehensive coverage of cyber-laundering and digital payment systems. The 8th edition of Ahmad Siddique's "Criminology, Penology and Victimology," revised by Sanjay Vashishtha, was also released, with a panel discussing contemporary sentencing trends. Saurabh Bindal's "Obscenity: Prevention, Law & Practice" offered insights into obscenity laws in the digital age. Justice A.K. Sikri's "Constitutionalism & the Rule of Law: In a Theatre of Democracy," released on 9th August 2023, explored themes of constitutionalism and judicial roles. The 8th edition of V.D. Mahajan’s "Constitutional Law of India," revised by Dr. Sanjay Jain, aimed at aiding constitutional law students, and "Comparative Advertising: Law & Practice" by Chander M. Lall, focused on the legal complexities of advertising, were also highlighted in recent releases.

  • 📕 Featured Book Launches
    • 1 ▸ Book release of 'Money Laundering: Prevention, Law & Practice' by Abhijeet Sharma
    • 2 ▸ Book release of 'Criminology, Penology and Victimology', revised by Sanjay Vashishtha
    • 3 ▸ Book release of 'Obscenity: Prevention, Law & Practice' by Saurabh Bindal
    • 4 ▸ Book release of 'Constitutionalism & the Rule of Law: In a Theatre of Democracy' - Justice AK Sikri
    • 5 ▸ Book release of 'VD Mahajan’s Constitutional Law of India', revised by Dr Sanjay Jain
    • 6 ▸ Book release of 'Comparative Advertising: Law & Practice' by Chander M. Lall