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Justice Decoded: The Prof. Raman Mittal Way

Understanding law, truth and dharma

Justice Decoded: The Prof. Raman Mittal Way Card Image
1 hour
1 hour
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About this Talk

Explore the essence of justice with Prof. Raman Mittal in this captivating series.


• The foundations of justice and its relationship with law and order
• Whether justice is intuitive or reason-based
• Eastern and Western perspectives on justice
• Ancient wisdom and modern interpretations
• The connection between justice, truth, and dharma

Through engaging stories, poetry, and philosophical insights, Prof. Mittal unravels the complex interplay between law and justice. Challenge your understanding of this fundamental concept and gain fresh perspectives on the pursuit of fairness in society.

Perfect for Law students, Legal professionals, philosophy enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the nature of justice.

  • 1. 📕 The Building Blocks of Justice
    • 1.1 ▸ What is justice?
    • 1.2 ▸ What is justice made of? Or what is the foundation of justice?
    • 1.3 ▸ Is justice an organisation?
    • ☆ Feedback
  • 2. 📕 Knowing Justice
    • 2.1 ▸ Is justice the first and foremost aim of law or is it order?
    • 2.2 ▸ Can justice ever measure up to law?
    • 2.3 ▸ How to reach justice?
    • 2.4 ▸ Do we know justice intuitively as we know love?
  • 3. 📕 Interplay of Law and Justice
    • 3.1 ▸ How do you address the relationship between law and justice? Are law and justice one thing or two different things?
  • 4. 📕 Placing Justice
    • 4.1 ▸ Is justice Western or Eastern?
    • 4.2 ▸ Is justice ancient or modern?
    • 4.3 ▸ Is justice the same as dharma or are they two different things?
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Prof. Raman Mittal

Professor, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Professor (Dr.) Raman Mittal has 25+ years of experience in the field of academics, specialising in IPR Laws. An iconic personality whose lectures are quite popular among the students. Prof. Mittal has published extensively in national and international journals and has also authored and edited several books.