Legal Skill And Practice Corporate Law ACL3: 14. Winding Up

ACL3: 14. Winding Up

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This course is included in the Advanced Corporate Law Upskill Diploma Programme.

This course is included in the Choosing an Entity for Business Programme.

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19 July 2023
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20 July 2023
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30 September 2024
3 Week
8 - 10 Hours Per Week
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EBC Learning
About this Course

Just as a company comes into existence through a legal formality called incorporation, its activities cease, and the company’s life comes to an end through a process called winding up. The process would broadly involve realising the company's assets and paying off the debts of the company expeditiously and fairly. This is not all. Even after the winding up is complete, the company continues to exist. This legal existence comes to an end only after the court orders the dissolution of the company. The winding up of a company may be due to several factors including its financial position. The process of winding up and dissolution involves legal technicalities and procedures.

The course comprises a discussion on the understanding of the reasons for winding up, petitioners for winding up, summary procedure, liquidaton and dissolution. The exercises will include the compliances and filings before the Tribunal and Registrar.

Who should take this course?

Law Students and Recent Law Graduates, Lawyers, In-House Counsels, Legal Professionals who wish to switch to corporate practice or looking to kickstart a career as Transactional Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Work Accountants, Government Officials, Academicians, Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Company Directors, Prospective Entrepreneurs, may take this course. The course would help launch law students into a career in corporate law and help practitioners develop their corporate law practice. Business professionals, advisors and managers interested in a detailed legal understanding of corporate affairs may take this course to hone their legal skills.


This course is part of EBC Learning — CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law Path. There are no prerequisites to enrol.


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Dr Charu Mathur

Instructor, EBC Learning & AOR, Supreme Court

Dr Charu Mathur has rich and diverse expertise in corporate, commercial, civil, criminal and constitutional law matters. She is an Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India. She has represented parties which include cricketing bodies and educational institutions like IIT Jodhpur, NLU Jodhpur, BPUT Orissa, MPUAT Rajasthan, private engineering and medicine colleges of Gujarat and Orissa.

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Victor Nayak

Assistant Professor of Law, University of Engineering and Management

Victor started his academic career with the Institute of Law, Nirma University as an Assistant Professor in 2012 followed by the School of Law, Galgotias University, from 2015 till August 2021. Presently, he is associated with the University of Engineering & Management (UEM). In the area of corporate and allied laws, not only has he presented and participated in various academic discourses but has also delivered expert lectures and conducted certificate courses in corporate law and mediation law. During his academic career, he has dealt with subjects such as Company Law, ADR and Mediation Law, Competition Law, Corporate Governance, Corporate Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions, Law on Infrastructure Development, Property Law, Law of Contract and Interpretation of Statutes. Presently, Mr Nayak is pursuing his Doctorate Degree from WBNUJS, Kolkata in the area of Takeover Laws.


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