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Charu Mathur: Hello and welcome to EBC learning. Today we have a very special guest, eminent jurist CS Dr UK Chaudhary sir. 

Welcome to EBC learning sir. 

U K Chaudhary: Thank you very much.

Charu Mathur: Sir is a designated senior for almost two decades now. He had been the past president of Indian Institute of Company Secretaries and he had been a member of various other professional organisations. Sir deals greatly with the company matters and today we will be focusing our talk basically on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, and he will be advising the young professionals and students on how to start a career in law, and specially as IRPs or as a valuation professional. Sir, my first query to you is, as your name suggests CS Dr U K Chaudhary, how has being a company secretary helped you in your career as a lawyer?

U K Chaudhary: See, the one thing which is special about the Company Secretary’s course is that it makes you a very skilled and knowledgeable person, relating to not only the company law but company administration and company affairs. Therefore, if you are a lawyer and a Company Secretary, you acquire a very specialised knowledge about the learning, how the companies function, how the management function, how the accounts are kept, how the accounts should be read. And therefore, it’s an immense help in becoming a good corporate lawyer.