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Browse Law School Education ADR: Arbitration Important Arbitration Cases

Hello and welcome to EBC Learning. I am Bijetri Roy. This is a short course comprising 20 cases on Arbitration which you will find relevant and useful for further research on this subject. I would suggest that you also go through our course Arbitration—Step-by-Step, 2nd Edition which will give you thorough understanding of Arbitration. Now if you take these two courses simultaneously, it will make your foundation stronger in this field for sure. 

I will explain each case with brief facts, issues at hand, how the respective courts dealt with the issues and finally, the ratio. I have provided citations for each of the cases for your reference.

We can have further discussion on these cases as well as on other cases in our discussion forum, so please post your comments and queries regularly. Also, keep checking this course for updates from time to time. So without wasting much time, let’s begin.