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Law School Insolvency & Bankruptcy Insolvency — Important Cases

Insolvency — Important Cases

This course is included in the EBC Learning ― CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law Path.
This course is included in the EBC Learning — Bennett University, Mastery Certificate in Advanced Corporate Law Path.
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Insolvency & Bankruptcy
About this Course

The insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 2016 has brought in a paradigm shift in the way insolvency cases are handled in India. It is essential for every law student, legal professional - as a solo lawyer, as a part of law firm, as a General Counsel, as a corporate advisor to keep himself abreast with this seminal law. A default under this law is a very practical threat to liquidation of a corporate entity.

With monthly updates this course brings you the latest case comments and developments in this growing area of law.

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I often say to entrepreneurs, 'If Lehman Brothers were Lehman Brothers & Sisters, it wouldn't have gone into bankruptcy.'

Shinzo Abe


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Charu Mathur

Advocate Charu Mathur has a rich and diverse expertise on corporate, commercial, civil, criminal and constitutional matters. She is Advocate on Record Supreme Court of India. Advocate Mathur is a regular practitioner before the Hon'ble Supreme Court and represented parties which include cricketing bodies and educational institutions like IIT Jodhpur, NLU Jodhpur, BPUT Orissa, MPUAT Rajasthan, private engineering and medicine colleges of Gujarat and Orissa.