Legal Skill And Practice Contract Law Contract Law Essentials: Mod 4 — Breach of Contract and Remedies

Contract Law Essentials: Mod 4 — Breach of Contract and Remedies

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About this Course

Contracts serve as the backbone of any business and personal agreements. Yet, they are not immune to breaches. Therefore understanding the implications of breach of contract is paramount in the legal landscape.

This comprehensive course is a solution to understanding the challenges posed by breaches in contracts. We'll delve into the complexities of breach types, consequences, and the legal framework surrounding them. From minor infractions to fundamental violations, we'll discuss various breach scenarios, providing you with a nuanced understanding of their implications.

Don't let breaches in contracts derail your agreements. Enrol now and equip yourself to address breaches with expertise and ease!

Why Take This Course? 

  • Gain Comprehensive Understanding: Delve into the complexities of breach of contract, including its various types, consequences, and remedial measures.
  • Navigate Legal Ramifications: Dissect breaches from minor infractions to fundamental violations, empowering yourself to understand and address their legal implications effectively.
  • Learn from Leading Cases: Gain valuable insights from leading cases, unravelling intricate concepts such as damages, remoteness of loss, and the plaintiff's duty to mitigate damages.
  • Enhance Legal Knowledge: Equip yourself with practical knowledge and insights to navigate contractual disputes confidently in the legal landscape.

Who Should Take This Course? 

  • Law Students and Recent Law Graduates: Gain a solid foundation in corporate law, preparing for a successful career in the legal field.
  • Lawyers and In-House Counsels: Enhance your expertise in handling breach of contract cases, whether you are currently practising or looking to switch to corporate practice.
  • Legal Professionals: Especially those wishing to transition into transactional law, this course provides the essential knowledge needed for corporate legal practice.
  • Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Cost & Work Accountants: Acquire crucial insights into contract law to support your roles in compliance and governance.
  • Government Officials: Understand the legal implications and remedies of contract breaches to better navigate public sector agreements.
  • Academicians: Deepen your knowledge of contractual disputes to enhance your teaching and research in legal studies.
  • Managers, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), and Company Directors: Learn to navigate contract management effectively to protect your organisation's interests.
  • Prospective Entrepreneurs: Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle contractual agreements and disputes as you venture into new business opportunities.
  • Business Professionals and Advisors: Gain a detailed legal understanding of corporate affairs to better advise and manage business operations.

Course Structure:

Engaging and Structured Videos: Learn at your own pace with our expertly crafted video lectures delivered by leading industry professionals. Whether you are exploring a new area of law or reinforcing your existing expertise, the series of short videos (around 2-3 minutes each) empower you to learn at your own pace, revisiting concepts as needed. Each video segment is thoughtfully crafted to explain the practical applications and processes related to the specific Definition, Concept, Explanation, Section, or Article being covered.

Practical Assignments and Solutions: Solidify your knowledge with practical exercises that put theory into action. Wherever required, practical assignments are explained in detail through ‘Solutions Videos’ or ‘Solutions Guide’, wherein our experts walk you through every step for solving the practical legal problems either through videos or a documentary guide.

Q&A for Knowledge Mastery: Test your understanding and gain clarity through Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) at the end of Chapters. These MCQs test your comprehension and application of mind ensuring you have the right understanding of the course material.

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 ▸ Introduction
  • 2. Types of breach of contract
    • § Relevant provision
    • 2.1 ▸ Actual breach and anticipatory breach
    • 2.2 ▸ Types of breach of contract—Minor breach, material breach and fundamental breach
    • 𝍭 Full text of leading cases
    • ☆ Feedback
  • 3. Consequences of breach of contract—Damages
    • § Relevant provision
    • 3.1 ▸ Consequences of breach of contract—Damages
    • 3.2 ▸ Types of damages
    • 3.3 ▸ Liquidated damages and unliquidated damages—1
    • 3.4 ▸ Liquidated and Unliquidated damages—2
    • 3.5 ▸ Remoteness of damage—Damage arising in the usual course
    • 3.6 ▸ Remoteness of damage—Special circumstances
    • 3.7 ▸ Measure of damages
    • 3.8 ▸ Mitigation of loss
    • 𝍭 Full text of leading cases
  • 4. Specific performance as contractual remedy
    • § Relevant provision
    • 4.1 ▸ Specific performance
    • 4.2 ▸ Specific performance under the Specific Relief Act, 1963
    • 4.3 ▸ Parties to a suit for specific performance
    • 4.4 ▸ Exceptions for specific performance—1
    • 4.5 ▸ Exceptions for specific performance—2
    • 4.6 ▸ Exceptions for specific performance—3
    • 4.7 ▸ Exceptions for specific performance—4
    • 4.8 ▸ Specific performance of part of contract
    • 4.9 ▸ Alternative remedies to specific performance
    • 𝍭 Full text of leading cases
  • 5. Injunction
    • § Relevant Provision
    • 5.1 ▸ Injunction
    • 5.2 ▸ Types of injunction
    • 5.3 ▸ When injunction cannot be granted
    • 𝍭 Full text of leading cases
  • 6. Suit for quantum meruit
    • 6.1 ▸ Suit for quantum meruit—1
    • 6.2 ▸ Suit for quantum meruit—2
    • 𝍭 Full text of leading cases
  • 𝍭 Index (full text of cases)
    • 𝍭 Index (full text of cases)
  • ✒ Exercises
    • 1 ✒ Exercises
    • 2 ✒ Exercises
    • 3 ✒ Exercises
    • 4 ✒ Exercises
    • 5 ✒ Exercises
    • 6 ✒ Exercises
    • 7 ✒ Exercises
    • 8 ✒ Exercises
  • ≛ Examination Pointers
    • ≛ Examination Pointers
    • ☆ Feedback


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Dr Pratima Narayan

Advocate & Mediator, Co-Founder, Techlawlogi Consulting LLP

Dr Pratima Narayan has served the legal academia for over 20 years as a visiting faculty at various reputed law schools and business schools. Her expertise lies in areas of commercial contracts, consumer law, e-commerce and Intellectual Property Rights.



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