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Browse Competitive Examinations CLAT An Introduction to CLAT

Start your preparation of GK by analysing previous year papers. If you have a look at the paper you will realise there are two types of questions static GK questions and current GK questions.

Check how many questions from static GK were there in the previous year. There were questions on history, geography and other miscellaneous topics. If you analyse CLAT 2018 paper there were 15 questions from static GK and the rest were from current GK.

Now let’s go through some sample questions:

  1. What do the paintings of Ajanta Caves primarily depict?

(a) Ramayana

(b) Panchatantra

(c) Jataka Tales

(d) Mahabharata

Now, this is a proper static law question. The answer is (c). The Jataka tales depict the previous lives of Gautama Buddha in both human and animal form.

The second sample question is:

Who is the first woman Defence Minister of Independent India: The options are:

(a) Nirmala Sitharaman

(b) Indira Gandhi

(c) Sushma Swaraj

(d) Sheela Dixit

The answer to this question is (b), Indira Gandhi. This topic was in the news recently when Nirmala Sitharaman was made the second woman Defence Minister of India. Therefore it is a good idea to read the related news when going through a topic of current affairs. The syllabus of static GK is vast. Here are some topics that you should keep in mind. They are:

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Indian Polity, Economics, International Organisations
  4. Sports
  5. Miscellaneous topics such as first in India, first in the World, important days, etc.

If we analyse last year’s paper then apart from static GK there were questions on legal GK as well. Some of the sample questions were on full form of FIR, Directive Principles of State Policy, Motor Vehicles Act, etc. We will focus on the Legal GK question later in the Legal section.

Now let us go through a few sample questions on current GK. The first sample question is:

Which country joined as the eighth member of the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation or the SASEC in February 2017? The options are:

(a) Myanmar

(b) Nepal

(c) Bhutan

(d) Bangladesh

The answer to this question was meant to be (a) Myanmar. However, there was a little mistake in this question as Myanmar is the seventh country and not the eighth and therefore the CLAT Committee omitted this answer.

The next sample question is:

In 2017, eBay India was merged with which of the following companies?

(a) Flipkart

(b) Naaptol

(c) Alibaba

(d) Snapdeal

The answer to this question is (a), Flipkart. In 2017, eBay India merged with Flipkart and raised 1.4 billion $ in a deal with Tencent, eBay and Microsoft.

Going through a couple of sample questions would have given you a good idea that those who have been keeping up with the current affairs will not face much problems in this section.

Some of the important topics for current affairs are:

  1. National news
  2. International news
  3. Sports news
  4. Appointments and Retirements
  5. Honours and Awards
  6. Obituaries

The syllabus of current affairs might seem quite vast. However, it is not very difficult to sort the relevant news from the not so relevant ones. For example, let us go through a couple of news items. The first news is that the Prime Minister was invited to the ISKCON temple for a cultural event and the second piece of news is that India’s Foreign Minister was invited to be the guest of honour by the OIC or the Organisation of the Islamic Countries for the first time since 1969. Obviously, the second piece of news is more important than the first one.

For current affairs, you should go through a couple of newspapers daily and make notes. Alternatively, you can also buy EBC’s CLAT Possible book on LLB entrance examinations, for GK compendiums which are available both in print and online.