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Browse Competitive Examinations CLAT An Introduction to CLAT

The CLAT paper has 200 questions which have to be completed in 2 hours. First attempt the GK section, which has about 50 questions and will take only about 10 mins. Attempting 50 out of 200 questions in the first 10 mins, will be a great weight off your chest. Now, you have 150 questions left, which have to be completed in 110 minutes. Next, you can take up Maths, which has only 20 questions, and you will need about 15 minutes to finish it.

Now you have 130 questions and 95 minutes to go. You can go for English which has about 40 questions and you will take about 25 minutes.

Now what will be left with the two most time-consuming sections, which are Legal and Logic. With 70 minutes to go, you can devote 35 minutes to each section and finish your paper within the time.

Bear in mind, this is just an optional strategy. You can build your own strategy, and attempt the paper based on what you are comfortable with.