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Browse Competitive Examinations CLAT An Introduction to CLAT

Next, we come on to Maths. Maths section comprises of 20 questions of one mark each. The Maths section is generally very high scoring and includes Maths only up to Class X level. Some of the questions that were included last year included 6 questions on number system, 2 questions on time and work, there were also questions on average, permutation, probability, profit & loss, percentage and mensuration.

Now let us go through a sample question on Maths. This question is based on compound interest. The question is:

A sum amounts to Rs 9630 in 2 years and to Rs 10,643 in 3 years respectively at compound interest. What will be the amount if the same sum is invested for years at the same rate of compound interest?

(a) Rs 9025

(b) Rs 9152

(c) Rs 9215

(d) Rs 9251

Now, this is a basic compound interest question. First, we have to take out the rate which is 10 per cent and then the principal which is 8000.

By the simple application of the formula, we can find out the answer which is (b). However, this is little time-consuming question because the time is given in fractions.