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Browse Law School Education Taxation Demystifying Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Hi! GST came in July 2017. It has changed all of us. It has changed the way system works.

It has changed the way businesses work. It has changed the way consumers buy and sell but what has changed is not a small achievement, what has changed is massive. There are fundamental changes in our tax system, there are fundamental changes in our economy and there is a fundamental change in which we buy and consume stuff;

And we are here to deal with it, to demystify GST, how does it look, how does it work, how does it operate, who all are affected by it, how does the government interact with the tax system, how does government interact with the business, and how does the government ensure that what tax policy it wants reaches the consumer;

We are dealing with this in this session and we will try to make GST as simple and as uncomplicated as it is possible and it is relevant for you. GST is not a static concept, it is changing, it is evolving, governments are learning, consumers are learning, and businesses are learning. Therefore, our interaction with the tax system is giving insights to the government which actually means that the system is evolving almost on a daily basis.

GST is an evolving system. There are a number of changes which are happening and I will come back to you every time there is a change which is relevant for you, to explain it to you what it means and how it is going to affect you. There is also a discussion forum where you can post your queries and I will be happy to answer them.