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Law Property RERA Essentials
About this Course

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is the regulator of the real estate industry in India, established in 2016 under the RERA Act. It aims to protect the rights and interests of consumers and property buyers by promoting uniformity and standardisation of business practices and transparency of transactions in the real estate sector. RERA tries to balance the interests of consumers and promoters, builders and developers through a list of dos and don'ts for them.

This course has been designed for property buyers, builders, real estate developers and promoters, real estate agents, lawyers, chartered accountants and other professionals associated with the real estate industry.

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RERA has strengthened the trust between the customers and the real estate developers

Narendra Modi

Course Overview


This course will help you

  1. Get an insight into the salient features of RERA laws
  2. Understand the compliance and regulatory procedures under RERA
  3. As a buyer/allottee, know your rights under RERA regime
  4. As a promoter/builder/developer or real estate agent, know your duties and liabilities under RERA laws
  5. Learn the key terms used under RERA laws 
  6. Get practical knowledge of how RERA attempts to establish symmetry of information between promoters and buyers and maintain transparency of contractual terms and conditions
  7. Understand how the fast track dispute settlement mechanism works under RERA
  8. Acquire knowledge to practice as a professional in the real estate industry. 


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Charu Mathur

Advocate Charu Mathur has a rich and diverse expertise on corporate, commercial, civil, criminal and constitutional matters. She is Advocate on Record Supreme Court of India. Advocate Mathur is a regular practitioner before the Hon'ble Supreme Court and represented parties which include cricketing bodies and educational institutions like IIT Jodhpur, NLU Jodhpur, BPUT Orissa, MPUAT Rajasthan, private engineering and medicine colleges of Gujarat and Orissa.

Buy land, they are not making it anymore.

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