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Law School Contract Law Contract Law Essentials: Mod 2 — Free Consent, Illegality & Public Policy

Contract Law Essentials: Mod 2 — Free Consent, Illegality & Public Policy

6 weeks
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Contract Law
About this Course

Every day-to-day transaction involves the usage of contracts — whether it be entering into a contract with a client, or buying something from a shop. We learnt in Module 1 of Contract Law Essentials the essentials of contract formation.

This course builds on Module 1 and will walk you through the discussion on performance excuses, specifically those of mistake and frustration, then we go on to study when contracts can be avoided due to the presence of coercion, undue influence, fraud, and misrepresentation at the time of formation of a contract.

The course provides access to all the sections that you need to refer to, exercises, examination pointers and full text of 50+ cases from SCC Online. Exercises enable you to test your understanding of concepts and also prepare for your law school examination. Examination pointers are notes that guide you on what kind of questions you may expect in your law school examination and where to focus your study. The course is also linked to chapters from Avtar Sing's Law of Contract through EBC Reader. This, upon subscription of EBC Reader, provides quick access to relevant chapters from the book.

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Judicial decision on one contract can rarely help us to the understanding of another.

Lord O'Hagan


This course is a comprehensive guide on privity of contracts and voidable contracts. It gives a detailed explanation of all the related concepts along with corresponding sections and cases for each topic. However, it is not limited to this, the course also has certain special features like examination pointers, access to full case text, and access to a discussion forum.

It is a one-stop-shop for every law student and professional to learn everything there is to learn about voidable contracts.


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Abhinandan Malik

Abhinandan Malik has an extensive knowledge in the area of Contract Law. He is the Director Publications at EBC. He has 10 + years of editorial experience, guiding and editing publications at EBC. He is a graduate of NALSAR University of Law with an LLM from the University of Toronto. At the U of T he has specialised in private law. His thesis was on the Horizontal Application of Fundamental Rights.

A contract requires two parties to it, and a man in one character can, with difficulty, contract with himself in another character.

Sir John Rornilly


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