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Contract Drafting Essentials

This course is included in the EBC Learning — Bennett University, Mastery Certificate in Advanced Corporate Law Programme.

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About this Course

Businesses run on commitments that are reduced to written contracts. In fact, the entire economy functions on the backbone of contracts. This entails contracting to bind the parties as regards their future conduct so that the promises are performed without any disputes. This requires contracting parties to come up with multifarious scenarios and agree upon a particular course of action, often in situations where both parties’ interests might diverge. The act of drafting necessitates mastering not merely the art of legal writing but also of understanding the nature of the transaction and the risks that might be involved in it.

This course explains each clause in a typical contract which will enable you draft, vet, or examine contracts to safeguard your or your client's interests. The course also provides you with relevant checklists to use while drafting and some sample agreements, for example, Gift deeds, Lease deeds, Licence agreements, Sale deeds, and Employment agreements.

Course Details

  • Level - Intermediate
  • Total no. of videos - 73
  • Total no. of assignments - 68
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Modernity is a deal. The entire contract can be summarised in a single phrase: humans agree to give up meaning in exchange for power.

Yuval Noah Harari
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For want of a comma, we have this case.

Judge Barron, Kevin O’Connor v. Oakhurst Dairy


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