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Job Description

Lawyer/Law Professor to Author eLearning Courses

Greater Noida, Lucknow, Delhi, Anywhere else in India

Looking for Course Authors and Instructors. The profile requires researching, writing and presenting on legal subjects. You can work 100% remotely from your home. All you need is a fast internet connection, a computer and a quiet place to work.


About EBC Learning

EBC Learning ( is part of EBC Group’s educational initiative. EBC Learning is an online platform that brings you courses and content on legal and ancillary subjects. We seek to create a massive library of content to help lawyers and law students every step of the way. Courses at EBC Learning are only taught by top professionals, experts and teachers and meet the strictest quality standards.

About EBC Group

Established in 1942, the EBC Group is the intellectual giant in legal publishing, with offices in several Indian cities and abroad. It was in the 1940's when two brothers, the Late Shri C.L. Malik and his younger brother, the Late Shri P.L. Malik, decided to settle in Lucknow and embark upon a career in law bookselling and publishing. Together they laid the foundations of what today has grown into a group of companies under the banner of EBC. EBC has traditionally published a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests. Today its products include pioneering works both in the print and electronic medium. The EBC Group has brought to you Supreme Court Cases (SCC), SC Yearly Digest and Complete Digest, SCC Online, EBC Webstore, EBC Student Books and Practitioner Commentaries, EBC Reader, SCC Online Blog, EBC Explorer and the Practical Lawyer magazine.

Who You Are

Have practical experience: Have some experience in legal practice in a law firm or in litigation.

Brilliant teacher: Love teaching and like to explore ways to enhance the learning experience. You love to engage with students who clamour to attend your classes or guest lectures.

Exceptional writer: You should be able to create publishable content consistently. You realise the importance of planning, editing and revising content. You do not easily tire of preparing second and third drafts; in fact, you feel that they are often an indispensable part of writing well.

Legal knowledge: You keep yourself updated of the latest legal developments and cases in your area of expertise. You like to engage in debates on online legal blogs and forums or with students in your lectures.

Familiar with technology: Working on the internet and with applications such as Google Docs does not scare you.


  • LLB from a reputed law school
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience in lecturing
  • A fast internet connection
  • A computer
  • Familiarity with Google Docs or other word processing software

Prefered Qualifications

  • LLM or PhD from a top law school
  • 5 years in teaching or giving guest lectures
  • 5 years in the legal profession as an advocate or engaged in a law firm
  • A wide network in legal circles and law schools


  • Generous compensation
  • Work from anywhere